frogs are friends... not food?!

Frogs are friends...
Frogs benefit us in many ways. They eat large number of insects
that we consider pests including mosquitoes and worms.

have also served as important model organisms
throughout the history of science.
Eighteenth-century biologist, Luigi Galvani,
discovered the link between electricity
and the nervous system through studying them.

They are also used in labs to help researchers to test new drugs
Think of how you would pass your biology class
without dissecting their families and friends inside out.

And what more do we want from them?

their legs? then i started singing...
"i'm never gonna dance again..." whoops, wrong song...

In the night I hear 'em talk,
The coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road
[known as geylang]
He lost his soul to a human so heartless...

how could you be so heartless?!
[preferrably, the the fray's version]

Frogs are food...
for some...

But then again, after trying them out last night,
i think i'd choose to be heartless, heheh... or maybe half-heartless.
[5/10. five for it's juicy soft tasty meat and
minus five for i still can't get over the fact that they are frogs
and that they have families!]

some consider them as appetizer to their main chow
on the "odd" side of the street canned as the "chinese legs."
[also available in thai and indo... heheh]

TRIVIA: what's the diff between "rebek" and "kokak"?!

Frogs are friends... AND food...

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