comics crazy

I can't say, I'm going back to the graphic novels/comics world, 
as I've never really been that much into it before. 
I bought the classic "infinity gauntlet" last week 
since I never got to finish reading it 
way back in high school dahil walang budget pangbili... 
heheh so ngayn... naaddict na ko...

hail to the bat!
[now I have something else to do besides oversleeping]

i'm into batman
 and anything with combined forces of superheroes... 
the more, the merrier...
i just bought the absolute "kingdom come" and "watchmen"... 
but i'm open to anything that's worth my precious free time... heheh

any recommendations... 
ones with good stories... or good art... 
or a whopping 2 hit combo of good story and art...
comment on this blog for suggestions! :D

currently, these are the recommendations that I got:
[and since my birthday is nearing...
you can just pick one from the list,
and make the little boy in me very happy on my bday!
to my gf: if you're reading this, your an exception...
i still want my PS3... heheh!]

Long Halloween
Dark Victory
Batman and Robin-Grant Morrison yata with Jim Lee
Batman RIP
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Returns

Batman Superman World's finest
The Ultimates 2
The Ultimates 3
Batman: The Killing Joke

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