chinatown sunday

i've been standing here
waiting for the bus on a sunday...

conrado noel "elz" cacho - +63906 340 4882

maskotero - +65 ZZZZ zzzz

more Zzzs


seranggon mrt

chinatown mrt

i didn't know crossing chinatown streets
could be this much fun... i wonder why...

rojak fillings! mixed feelings!

four feet a lot of chilli

what's a chinatown sunday without
a bite of the ever famous austrian bratwurst
paired with whipped potato with fried onion toppings...
the last sausage house above the equator.

makan time!

fresh lime juice, panda and a sour face!

monster in shirt staring at my polka-dotted lime juice.

hellbaby hanged on an indian temple gate...

hellbaby & elzbaby
[buntot nlang kulang...]

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