ten "dream green room" commandments

i had a dream last night.
A green one.

In my dream, i woke up in a green room.
So refreshing...soul-rejuvenating.
And then I woke up...
[again, this time, it's the real thing]
and saw my room back in red. In the next few days
[or when i get a better digicamera],
i'll try to upload the pics of my 3rd gen room.
In Karla's[lupa's lil drummer girl] blog,
you will see my 2nd gen room [click click],
but was still under progress. Sadly, I didn't get
to document the original look of the room. So no first gen room pics.. :(

i'm going green with my 4th gen room!
okay, so much for my intro...
here are the commandments, etched on stone...

I am apple green,
thou shall not have other strange striking colors besides me

thou shall not use the name room, call it home!

remember to keep holy, saturday (which is cleaning day]

honor minimalist design and organic design

thou shall not kill, if you should, do it outside the room.
[this concerns insects and whatever you should find fun killing]

remember to keep the room unique, minimize ikea products.

though shall not "steel", use wood instead,
and preferably the dark brown [close to black] varnished ones.

thou shall not buy designer toy vinyls
unless their blank or personally customized

thou shall not put up posters other than the one's you did,
even if it's a burgerman!

thou shall not just dream, work on it...

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