beach psychedelic

it's summer time
and i'm nowhere near a beach!
i miss pinas and all it's 7,107 islands.
thousands of islands mean thousands of beaches to enjoy.
just like the picture below, which was taken in boracay,
a few years back.

and what made it more fun was aside from this was my first time in boracay,
it was a free trip for two awarded to me by clickthecity.com for winning
first prize in their Sun, Sand and Snapshots 2007 contest.
I just realized, this image shows two more of the things i miss so much.
monkeytero, a character that i loved to doodle
and my trying-hard brandon boyd hair do.

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the image above was taken with a lomo fish eye using black and white film,
developed by kodak, scanned and burned to disk
and "photoshopified" in
my mac to fuse the "psychey" effect.

below was the image that flew me to boracay! thanks to clickthecity.com,
check out their site, they may have this years contest, on-going...
i love that
their giving away lomos for winners too!

i sure wish somebody else
was taking the picture instead of me...
so i can lie beside her
and feel that kiss!

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