I hate to love...

...these stuff that i love to hate...

i love to hate korg kaossilator
love = ultra compact sketch pad that puts
a world of complex sounds and effects
in the palm of your hand by simply a tap or a slide of a finger.

hate = i don't know if it has a "scratching" sound feature
the real hate = it's too much dough to spend on something
you don't even know if you can be good at

i love to hate tim commerford's tattoo
love = this rage against the machine's bassist
has ink as a permanent under-shirt

hate = i don't think my mom would let me suffer...
it's another way of saying "i don't think i can stand the pain
of a gazillion needle pricks"

the real hate = it's almost worth buying anew shirt everyday in one whole year

i love to hate canon powershot g10
love = it's as almost as good as a digital slr
hate = it's too big to be a point a shoot digicam
the real hate = it's almost the price of a gigital slr

...i'm caught in the middle.

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