ill "B" back...

Stickers outside my previous office in pinas (slang for philippines).
It has Been six months... there used to
Be no day that i never get to pass
this "
B", it was really sad to leave my previous company,
But as days pass by, we all grow old, things get passé,
Betamax were i used to watchhwarzenegger became oBsulete,
it just dawned on me... "it's time to move on" not that i'm not doing ok
with my previous work,
But i Believed something divine
was waiting for me in the other part of the glo
It's time, time to take over the world.
it hurt
Big time, close to the feeling of Breaking up with your first love
or popping your hard-earned
Balloon when you were five,
leaving my magazine [side story, i'm art director for a certain magazine],
my friends, my comfy chair, my fish and his rat friends, my FAMILY.

But this was not the end of the chapter.
Allow me to take the words of terminator...
"B" Back"...
i would definitely

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