saging lang ang may puso stickers

hail to monkeytero, my new character!

here's my saging lang ang may puso sticker series,
a tribute to mark lapid's "epic" movie!
check it out...

watch it until the end,
just so you'll know why people
go gaga over this film,
then go check out the spoofs and
other saging lang ang may puso uploads.
Don't miss the remix...
...pinoy lang ang mkakaisip ng ganyang linya...
how henyo, how jologs!

everybody now...
"oo,[pause] inaamin ko,[pause] saging lang kami,[pause]
pero maghanap ka ng puno[pause] sa buong pilipinas,[pause]
saging lang ang may puso, [pause]
saging lang ang may puso!"

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