msk vs tmbk2

msk invited to do graffiti on bags
endorsed by bratpack
for their graphic remix event

bags done by electro lychee,
team manila, etc.

i was expecting to work on a tagger bag
but they gave me a timbuk2 [bags made from new york]
msk's work under process. sorry, no shot of the raw bag,
just imagine it with a plain grey-yellow-grey vertical stripe.

semi-finished product. added just a few more details
[added red scales on the maskotero text,
more paint blots, plus thickened strokes on his aaaaaaarms]

tadaaaa! first attempt: success!
phew, hirap!

oha, galing din gawa ni arno,
endorsed by mr. ramon bautista
and ms. rock ed chick

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Len said...

nice! sayang i missed this event!!! penge!!!